What is Beevor?

Beevor, a financial services company specializing in high-frequency and algorithmic trading, is based in USA. It also functions as a platform for a professional quantitative strategy community. Beevor’s quantitative trading strategy was developed in 2020 and has shown remarkable results in real-world market application. In 2023, it plans to secure funding and restructure to launch its flagship product, the Beevor AI bot high-frequency quantitative strategy

What is BV Ai Bot?

BV ai Bot is a Quantitative ai robot,which is a top-ranked digital currency that utilizes fully automatic AI technology to perform quantitative trading. It operates seamlessly with mainstream digital currency platforms and operates without any manual intervention. Its advanced core algorithms and intelligent quantitative technology, combined with cloud-based big data computing, enable it to execute trades in just 0.05 seconds, while also eliminating the emotional stress and fatigue that often accompany market watching. This makes it a top choice among quantitative trading products and a convenient way to earn money.

How Does BV Bot Make Money?

The BV ai Bot utilizes various algorithms and techniques to adapt to both bullish and bearish market conditions. In bullish markets, BV ai Bot utilizes tracking stop profit technology, continuous monitoring, and 24-hour market analysis to sell at the peak of profits. This helps to capture the maximum gains during a bullish market. In bearish markets, the BV ai Bot safeguards customer assets and generates stable profits through monitoring market trends, avoiding trades in a downward market, or short selling to take advantage of the market

Why Choose BV Bot?

Secure Funds:

BV ai Bot operates through the API interface provided by the exchange, ensuring the funds remain in the user’s account and cannot be touched. It only has the ability to buy and sell, not withdraw funds.


Fully Automatic Execution:

Operating 24/7 on cloud servers, BV Bot trades automatically after initializing the set parameters and will buy or sell based on pre-determined conditions. This eliminates the need for constant market monitoring and yields a daily income of 2-3%.


Trading Strategy and Position Allocation:

BV ai Bot offers a range of built-in trading strategies, from conservative to aggressive, to cater to various risk levels. It intelligently allocates positions and conditions of each trade, implementing the trading strategy and adjusting accordingly with real-time data.


Multiple Trading Variety Monitoring:

BV ai Bot can monitor multiple currencies and execute strategies simultaneously, with independent threads for each variety, ensuring prompt trade execution.


Easy to Use:

With just one click, users can set parameters, choose strategies, and start trading, making it easy for even novice digital asset traders.


Emotion-Free Trading:

BV ai Bot makes impartial, objective trading decisions and avoids the influence of subjective emotions. It will not trade or close positions if set conditions are not met

Why is Quantitative Investment Profitable?

Quantitative investment has been around for 30 years and has a proven track record of stability, leading to its increasing popularity among investors. In 2015, six out of the top 10 most profitable funds on Wall Street relied on quantitative investments. Quantitative strategies rely on data-driven models instead of personal opinions, which eliminates the impact of human emotions such as greed and fear, allowing trades to be executed with machine-like precision.

Does Quantitative Investment Require Technical Expertise?

No technical expertise is required for quantitative investment as the system generates trade instructions that are followed passively. There is no need for personal intervention.

Why is Quantitative Trading Accessible with Small Capital?

BV ai Bote uses PMAM (Multi-Account Management System) methodology to aggregate trade orders and make high-frequency quantitative trades. The profits and principal are then distributed to the user’s wallet after transaction costs are deducted. PMAM enables effective multi-account trading and management, enhancing returns and managing risk. This makes it possible for individuals with small capital to participate in quantitative trading

Can make big money on Quantitative Trade?

Yes..You can double your investment within 1 month,and if you follow the referral program.you can earn as big as you want.

Fees and Support Currency

The BV ai Bot is paid and the price is subject to the mall.

The platform charges 30% of the user’s income generated through BV bot quantification as a commission. For example, if you make a profit of $100 through BV Bot quantification, the platform will charge a commission of $30, and the user will earn $70, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Differences from Other AI

The BV ai Bot’s quantitative trading strategy is based on the trading team’s 17 years of experience and integrates arbitrage strategy, Alpha strategy, multi-factor strategy, and CTA strategy. This scientific integration addresses the limitations of single-strategy AI and sets a higher industry standard


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