BV Affiliate Program Make you Rich 2023

Join our affiliate program and earn money by promoting our products! , it’s a great way to make extra income.  our support team is always available to help you succeed

We offer 5 Level Policy

Join our multi-level affiliate program and earn big! Our program offers up to 5 levels of commission, so you can earn money not just from your directly refer but from the refer of those you refer. Get started today and start earning!

Level 1

 Direct Invitee, 10% Commission. Join as a level 1 affiliate by being directly invited and earn 10% commission on all Referral.


Level 2

Referral of Level 1, 8% Commission. Invite others to join and earn 8% commission on their Referral as a level 2 affiliate


Level 3

Referral of Level 2, 5% Commission. Further expand your network to reach level 3 and earn 5% commission on Referral from your referrals


Level 4

 Referral of Level 3, 2% Commission. As a level 4 affiliate, earn 2% commission on Referral from your level 3 referrals.


Level 5

Referral of Level 4, 2% Commission. Reach the final level 5 and continue earning 2% commission on Referral from your level 4 referrals.



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Frequently Asked. Questions

What is the Referral Affiliate?

The Beevor referral affiliate program is a rewards initiative that offers commissions to individuals who share a unique link with others, encouraging them to register and place orders with Beevor. By participating in this program, users can earn commissions for successfully referring others to the platform.

To access the link displayed on the page, click on either “my team” or ” invite”. The link can be found by following either of these options.

How to track my earning?

By clicking on “my team”, you can view all earnings generated by your referral link. This feature allows you to track and monitor the commissions you have earned through referrals.

How many level of referral program

Our referral program consists of five levels ranging from a commission rate of 10% to 2%. By sharing your referral link, you can earn income from individuals who register for our platform using your unique link. This provides a potential source of income through the promotion of our services.

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