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Beevor, a financial services company specializing in high-frequency and algorithmic trading, is based in USA. It also functions as a platform for a professional quantitative strategy community. Beevor’s quantitative trading strategy was developed in 2020 and has shown remarkable results in real-world market application. In 2023, it plans to secure funding and restructure to launch its flagship product, the Beevor AI bot high-frequency quantitative strategy.

We use intelligent quantitative technology, combined with cloud-based big data computing

The platform known as Strategy Square uses extensive data analysis and mathematical models to examine the historical trends of digital currencies, creating coded strategies for users to reference. By making the code strategies available, the platform aims to be more transparent and accessible. The Beevor AI bot feature of the BV platform has been upgraded from only handling single currency transactions on one exchange to now being able to conduct multi-currency transactions across multiple exchanges. This optimization enhances profit potential and simplifies the process for users. No longer are complex and confusing policies required, as users can now activate the strategies with just one click, even if they are new to quantitative trading.

Quantitative BV ai Bot

BV ai Bot operates through the API interface provided by the exchange, ensuring the funds remain in the user’s account and cannot be touched. It only has the ability to buy and sell, not withdraw funds.

The BV platform recognizes the importance of securing its user’s funds, and thus, has taken comprehensive measures to protect them. To this end, the platform has established a financial foundation in the United States and Canada, providing the equivalent of insurance for user’s funds. This not only ensures the safety and stability of funds, but also provides peace of mind for users, so they can focus on maximizing their returns through the platform’s quantitative trading strategies.

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